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Getting better at talking about the things that matter

We train people to talk about the things that are important to them in a way that changes things for the better. 

support conflict coaching

Whether you sweep issues under the carpet, or explode and regret it later, there are simple skills everyone can pick up to have better conversations that reduce stress and bring relief. 

We use a mix of mediation skills, conflict coaching and non violent communication to equip people and organisations for the whole range of situations that life throws at them. 

This makes a difference to individuals and organisations – unresolved conflict reduces profit, makes people miserable and ultimately risks business failure. 

We can help you: 

Face conflict with more confidence

Help coworkers and teams deal with differences

Approach difficult conversations with your clients

Move past arguments in your personal life

Our training helps people and teams get to the crux of the problems they face, so that they can move forward and thrive. 

For businesses

Our bespoke training mixed with coaching will help you reduce stress and equip your people to work with more success. 

events and discussion

Looking for tips?

Check out our podcasts for more information on mediation, thoughts and advice on dealing with conflict.

Interested in finding out more? 

Check out our events, where we tackle traditionally divisive issues in ways that build relationships rather than cutting them off. 

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