Who we are

We set up Crux to help people and communities navigate conflict, so that they can reduce stress and enjoy life more. 

We’re passionate about equipping people to hold the conversations that matter, from the small things that irritate to taboo topics that are hard to face. 

We believe everyone can learn how to do conflict better, and where conflicts have become overwhelming, they should have access to trained experts who can help people move forward to a less stressful future.  

We deliver training, mediation and conflict coaching for individuals, work with businesses and communities to improve relationships and help society at large talk about issues well through events and comment. 

We’ve had first hand experience of the power of training and conflict services to change lives. Our mission is to bring that power to communities in North London and beyond. 

Our Directors

Philip Guthrie
Phil Guthrie 
Co-Founder & Director 


Phil is an accredited commercial and community mediator with over four years of experience in resolving conflicts in a wide variety of situations. He is a Trustee of one of our Founding Partners, Wandsworth Mediation Service, was selected for the pioneer year of Journey of Hope, a reconciliation practitioner’s development programme, and has helped to develop “Transforming Difficult Conversations”, a five week course covering non violent communication. In his spare time, he is an engineer with 10 years of experience in sustainability,  the circular economy and the conflicts peculiar to construction. 

Sarah Guthrie 
Co-Founder & Director 


Sarah is a trained life coach helping clients to resolve conflicts within themselves and make changes to their lives through conversation and goal setting. She also works for Acas, the UK Government’s workplace and conflict experts, delivering campaigns and communications which help UK employers and employees improve workplace relationships. Previously, she has worked on social change in politics, for startups and in community organising. She is also developing “Transforming Difficult Conversations,” a course on non violent communication.   

Our Partners

Founding Partners

Wandsworth Mediation Service 

Wandsworth Mediation Service (WMS) has been delivering professional mediation locally for over 15 years to neighbours, families and organisations in conflict. Set up by Stephen Ruttle QC, one of the UK’s leading mediators, WMS gives people the opportunity to be at peace with one another and themselves so that they can enjoy life and community more. Supported by over 50 trained volunteer mediators, WMS also works in schools and with groups of residents to equip Wandsworth children, communities and individuals to navigate conflict and build good relationships. WMS empowers without imposing, listens without fixing and collaborates without judging. 

Kings Cross Church 

Kings Cross Church (KXC) is a church whose vision is to recklessly give themselves away to God, each other and the people of King’s Cross and beyond. For Kings Cross, this includes: running coworking to create community for freelancers and SMEs; creating and supporting local services including a CAP debt centre, a womens’ drop in and work in Pentonville Prison; and funding new ventures which bring more life to people in Kings Cross as part of Table Ventures.