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Want to get stuck in?

If you believe in building bridges not walls, get involved with Crux and make a difference today.


If you are interested in helping people in difficult situations, building peaceful communities or bridging divides in society, then get in touch. Volunteering with us will equip you with new skills and increase our ability to build peace in North London. 

We are particularly looking for the following:

Volunteer trained mediators

People who love running events 

Admin wizards 

But if you have more unusual skills you think might be useful, please get in touch: e-mail


We are looking for sponsors to support our work to reach more people and deepen our impact. Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us and our vision for peace. E-mail

Current sponsorship opportunities:

One or a series of events covering cutting edge topics

A community conversation

A community training program

events and discussion

Check out our events

A great way to find out more about us and get involved is to come along to one of our events.

Pick up new skills

Grapple with hot topics 

Make connections with people

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