Help us make peace

Conflict affects every person and every issue. Your gift will help us equip people to have conversations that bring clarity and life, not polarisation and anxiety.

Right now we are looking to provide people with online mediation and conflict coaching who are in isolation. Your gift would help us further this work. 

Our projects 

Supporting individuals in conflict 

Badly handled conflict creates misery. We exist to support people to have better conversations, so that they can reduce stress and enjoy life more. 

Your gift will help reduce stress and improve mental health for those who can’t afford it.

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Helping communities thrive

We help communities navigate conflict and equip them to build joy and peace in a way that works for them. 

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events and discussion

Shaping a more peaceful culture 

We hold cutting edge conversations that tackle the biggest issues in a way that leads to greater understanding instead of a shouting match. 

Be part of creating a more peaceful society by supporting our work – and get involved at our events!