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Conversations that really change things

Find out how to handle conversations about issues that you care about, without falling out or keeping your mouth shut. 

Get a taste at our events. 

We’ve all been there. You start an innocent conversation about Brexit or veganism and it turns into an argument.

What if you could actually talk honestly about real things, without making the situation worse? 

We started Crux to have a different kind of conversation. One where you end up feeling heard and connected not annoyed and misunderstood.

This isn’t just useful in everyday life – it’s critical to solving the big issues facing us. From gender to politics to business, badly managed conflict stops us creating the kind of world we really want to live in. 

We equip people and organisations to have better conversations so that they can tackle challenges and make wise decisions based on accurate understanding.  

We do this in two main areas:

Hot topic events 

We hold cutting edge conversations that tackle the biggest issues in a way that leads to greater understanding instead of a shouting match.

In depth community conversations 

We work with groups and communities to uncover the issues they face so that they can reduce fear, build relationships and have more freedom in their lives.  

Do you want to be more adept at making decisions and negotiating outcomes that you want?

Check out our new negotiation training course taught by Joshua Becker, MBA teacher at UCL.

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