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Uniting Against Violence Trailer


A trailer for the upcoming podcast Uniting Against Violence.

Uniting against violence is a podcast about how we can reduce serious youth violence in our communities. ​​It’s made by parents for parents, carers and anyone who wants to understand more and take action.

In this six-part series, we invite a range of guest speakers and parents to look at specific issues related to youth violence – mental health and trauma, conflict, what it’s like for young people, the role of parents and school exclusions.Each episode includes practical advice, insight, stories and information for people looking for support on these issues. 

About us: we are a group of Parent Champions from London’s Violence Reduction Unit (Camden and Islington Boroughs), and Parent Knife Crime Ambassadors from the Parent House, a charity based in Islington, London. 

This podcast was co-produced by us (Ashleigh, Aldene, Charlotte, Debbie, Dee, Jessica, Natasha, Sabrina and Victoria) and Sarah from Crux. 

*Some of the issues discussed in the podcast may be triggering, so we encourage you to look after yourself and seek out support if you need it – we all do sometimes.* 

This is a huge topic and we couldn’t cover everything and every perspective in 6 episodes, so if you’re thinking we’ve missed something, we encourage you to start more conversations where you are. 

Special thanks to: 

Our funder, the Mayor of London’s Violence Reduction Unit and our partners: Islington and Camden Councils, The Parent House and Crux, and all our guest speakers. Our editors: Content editing from Sarah Hutt, with sound polishing from Content is Queen and our venue, King’s House, King’s Cross. Our graphic designer: Amelia Hywel-Jones and our soundtrack: Anton Vlasov through Pixabay 

All of our guest speakers! And finally, you, our listeners. 

Together we can unite against violence. 


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