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Holding the conversations that matter

We help people hold better conversations so they can lead less stressful, more peaceful lives. We do this by teaching people and teams conflict skills, offering mediation and hosting conversations on polarising issues to help society disagree well.

Our work with businesses supports our work with communities in Camden and Islington.

Everyone experiences conflict, but Crux exists to help people navigate conflict to create stronger relationships and better decisions. 

Equipping individuals, workplaces and communities

Training that helps people and teams handle conversations more successfully.

Conversations that really change things

Events and in depth community conversations that shed light and move things forward. 

Support for those in conflict

Expert support for those in conflict: mediation and conflict coaching.

Why conflict?

Conflict doesn’t have to be bad. It can be a creative part of decision making and innovation. 

But most of us experience the opposite every day. Office politics, unspoken resentment and damaged relationships are much more common than people who can disagree and get along. 

Unhealthy conflict isolates people, fractures communities, harms our physical and mental health, costs business millions of pounds each year and ultimately risks lives. 

Everyone can learn to be more confident with conflict. There are key skills which can transform crisis moments and turn conflict into a positive force. 

For most of us, these skills do not come naturally. We exist to change this, by providing training, support and experiences that help people navigate disagreement. 

The difference it makes

When people can do conflict well: 

Individuals reduce stress and anxiety in their lives 

Communities are less isolated and more free

Workplaces are happier and more productive 

Society as a whole can face challenges more wisely 

Equipping people to handle conflict well is a catalyst for change across individuals, communities, workplaces and the whole of society. 

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